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Jeff the killer x reader

Jeff the killer x reader

46.8K Reads 1.6K Votes 13 Part Story
Coco By 246TheSilencer Completed

it's about a 18 year old girl and her family. the girl has some kind of powers that makes her different. nobody in her family likes her but her little brother Jake. one day, she went in the woods and decided to explore it. she found out to much stuff that she wish she didn't. she returned home and then sees her entire family died. but a figure went out the window she decided to follow that person. she then gets lost in the woods. will she make it out of the forest or will someone or something find her?

TrajanSkeloton TrajanSkeloton Jul 23, 2016
OmG this picture goes great with "how I want ya" 
                              *dies hardcore*
lili-senpie lili-senpie Jul 06, 2016
My fav colour is black too.
                              I waer black ALOT but I wear skirts in once in a blue moon but ima role with it!!😊😊😁😁 
                              Love the story so far 
                              P.S Jake the dog!!!
This is nothing like me.
                              I'm an antisocial tomboy with blonde-brown-ginger hair and hate all make-up (even nail polish) and I hate the edgy look and prefer actual boots.
isabelthecat isabelthecat Jul 22, 2016
Holy crap this is exactly like me because i have red hair and my favorite color is black >v<
Miki-Nanase Miki-Nanase Jun 08, 2016
I don't have read hair but I love red hair, and I wear all black XD
CKatWuvsTems CKatWuvsTems Aug 27, 2016
This is me no joke XD but my brother is older and is named AJ