Under The Sea

Under The Sea

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heartdrew By heartdrew Updated Oct 12, 2016

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Forest Atlandria was ready for a new lifestyle. Being the princess of an underwater kingdom was growing utterly old, she was ready for an adventure. Daring nights, sword fights, epic creatures, and damsels in anything but distress. On account of her uneventful life underwater, she decides to swim up to dry land to find an amazing epic full of the life she dreamed of living and friends in the characters she reads.

But on dry land she finds herself in a bit of a scuffle (having not had so much experience with intoxicated individuals)and ends up being saved by Aran White, her one and only soul mate, as the fates would so amusingly have it.

Two people from two different worlds entirely, spells a load of confusion.

Meanwhile, things under the sea aren't going so well; a vengeful uncle threatens to make the waters quake. And one princes begins to realize her part in the world and what she would let herself do to save her home.


"Leave me alone." I whispered, my voice pleaded with him. I didn't know who he was, but I assumed he was enticed by some sort of possession. I was up to date on my knowledge of the human race, yet . . .

"Don't tell me what to do!"

Then, he pulled me from the wall and shoved me to the ground. My head hit the floor visciously, the sound echoed throughout my head sending waves of pain through my skull. Groaning I sat up, but my vision wavered. Everything ached. My legs from crumbling beneath me, my head, my back from being slammed into a wall. I looked for the boy through blurry eyes and saw a figure lying on the ground, unconscious. Suddenly, green eyes mixed with rich gold appeared in front of me, they held worry and surprise. 

"I've found you, my" . . . But the last word was lost to me because my eyes were drooping and the world was getting darker darker darker as if the night were not dark enough. 

A paranormal romance full of vengeance.

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