Friends with Better Lives(caraxkendall) sequel to Friends with Benefits

Friends with Better Lives(caraxkendall) sequel to Friends with Benefits

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Hideaki By Delevigne-Cara Updated Sep 13, 2017

I recommend you to read the book I first before reading this. It's entitled Friends with Benefits.

So here's your sequel.

After 7 years,
Kendall still can't get over with Cara's death.
She's still head over heals inlove with her.
Every night she closes her eyes wishing it's all just a dream, a very bad dream.
She stumbled in getting her life back together after Cara is gone.

Kylie have been there for her sister, she never left her for 7 dark years of her sister's life.
But she can't stand seeing her sister anymore like that.
She's gonna help her stand again, live again , and love again.

They said that first love never dies,
Greatest True love never dies.
They say let it go and it will find its way back.

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CaKeMaikhail CaKeMaikhail May 15, 2016
                              Your story is great! UD PLEASE MISS AUTHOR 😭😭😭😂😂😘😘😘😘
VaselineQueen VaselineQueen Aug 15, 2016
If Cara was Carly I would think she'd be with Taylor's thirsty ass not Hailey. I mean that's what she did this for right, so she could be with Cara?
lernjerkky lernjerkky Jan 18, 2016
I'm not saying Cara and Carly are the same person, but Cara and Carly are the same person
Kiyokian_ Kiyokian_ Jan 16, 2016
I think that if Carly is really Cara, Kendall might just have a heart attack. What is Carly is Cara but Taylor just like brain washed her and now she things shes Carly? I don't know I think you should bring Cara back. It it supposed to be a CaKe fanfic after all right?
chaZyingcars chaZyingcars Aug 29, 2015
can you please update? 'coz I sooooo love your story.. me and my friend actually
caraJD_katyEP caraJD_katyEP Aug 27, 2015
This is killing me, i absolutely love your stories! Please update ASAP!