Eyes of the Unknown I (Creepypasta FanFiction)

Eyes of the Unknown I (Creepypasta FanFiction)

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Felicity Hill is an ordinary girl, almost too normal for her taste, but since her eyes are a rather different color, she draws more attention. One night as her school was setting camp at a forest, She then started to have major headaches and eye pains. Felicity then blacked out til she was found by a group of insane killers called the "Creepypasta"
As her life began to change, she was introduced by an Organization called the Unknowns, who are cloaked men trying to capture all the rare eye colors. And to her surprise, Felicity was one of them with the brooding color purple. 
See what happens next in Eyes of the Unknown ^_^ 

(Excuse my poor knowledge of creepypatsa*^*)

Disclaimer~ I do not own any of these creepypasta characters besides Felicity....

"-and by the way, that's an ugly shirt." I have to admit, I answered he myself before continuing. "Thanks. Y'know, it goes well with your face - they're both sh*t. Except my shirt is better off."
So I can get a perfect score at the cost of a possible death? HECK YEAH LETS DO THIS!
realtruth realtruth Aug 24
Hey, purple eyes are cool. A few people I know have them. Not sure if it's natural though.
My eyes are a light green color with light brown around the pupil and I have this weird pattern with small and big black spots around the pupil.
realtruth realtruth Aug 24
I like it. Keep writing and you may be one of the greatest writers alive.
JJMadison JJMadison Oct 22
Mine used to be bright blue but slowly faded to a light grey as my soul started to break apart piece by piece