Her Hoodie

Her Hoodie

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"Lana take off your hoodie"

I stared at him through hooded eyes while I raised an eyebrow which he could barely notice.

"Sure, I'll take my hood off" I said. I could see the excitement and shock on his face but that soon disappeared.

"I'll take my hood off when pigs can fucking fly" I simply said before picking up my school bag and heading into school a ghost of a smile on my face.


Published: 12/08/2015
August 12th 2015

First instalment in Her/His Series

Completed: To be confirmed

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Cover by: RiotArrow

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i felt this in band camp after drinking too much water during a break
Hah ialways wear Hoosiers even in summer ...live in Texas but oh wel
Legit me this new school year. Oh gosh. I hate new things sometimes. Especially since I have bad as hell anxiety so I just am a stuttering mess.
When I'm not noticed and people don't try to bully me. 💯💯💯
panicwithsirens18 panicwithsirens18 5 days ago
If people don't like that there is people of color they don't have to make then have a race. It's not their choice, it's your book so you do what you want.
i dont mean to sound racist in a way but does bwwm mean black woman white male or something else?