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the darkened

the darkened

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Leonie By FangsAnime01 Updated Sep 06, 2010

16-Year old Cassy leads a lonely life with no family and few friends including her best friend Dylan. She knows that before she was found when she was 15 wondering the streets and that something happened then, something almost UNREAL! But she cant remember anything before she was found.  When she discovers got 'magical powers' that can make her create things in her mind and live in them when she's sleeping. but each dream has a memory which leads to her past! she makes friends with Damien, a hott guy who wants to help and a VAMPIRE and also claiming he's her SOULMATE!!!! who was also in her dream., she finds out she can take people in and out of her dreams , but she doesnt know how to get them out! Wth Daimen stuck in her dream and searchng for her memories, she trys to find a way to get him out and when she finally does, the people from her memories do to, people that want Cassy DEAD! She goes into her dream looking for an answer will she come out with one. Will she come out at all?

FangsAnime01 FangsAnime01 Sep 27, 2010
Heyy x everybody I did upload today I tried to upload but forgot to press the upload button so... : / and the second time today I forgot to log in so both times failures ... I mad right now so I gonna upload mabye wednsday!! x %u2022 D
Chamzad2 Chamzad2 Sep 27, 2010
Nice...Need to work on grammar though...Love the different points of view thing...I should start doing that! But I won't...Anyways...It has a really great plot. Got my vote.
J020163 J020163 Sep 27, 2010
really awesome story.. got me wondering who took her, and where he's taking her.
                              Just watch ur grammer ok :) other then that, it was absoulty great reading it ^_^
                              upload soon!!
FangsAnime01 FangsAnime01 Sep 26, 2010
Ignore all that I put in the last comment. I hav changed name to journey to the past read the info about it and u will see why
FangsAnime01 FangsAnime01 Sep 25, 2010
I no u guys think the video has nothin to do with it . It actully does u guys will see but this will be alot and I mean alot more time before that bit though!!! 
RozaANDDimka RozaANDDimka Sep 23, 2010
Im intriguied :) YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE ASAP i cannot not count how many stories ive read and then they havent wriiten more in ages i wanna read more of this i bet you it will be amazing ;) good job xo