Two Sides To Every Story

Two Sides To Every Story

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S.N.H By alienhowlter Completed

"That was the day I had lost not only my best friend, I had lost my soulmate."

Phan Highschool AU

Warning; usage of homophobic slurs, curse words and violence.

dabsafro dabsafro Jan 23
did you get a drink of water because your lips are chapped and faded?
Pj back off i know you probably said something like 'phil's gay' to dan. And 2nd off, dan stop being like this.
Dan, it has barely been five minutes into the fic and you're already pissing me off
Troye just sang "And I wanna sleep next to you and that's all I wanna do right now" yeah don't listen to talk me down while reading this
notfantasticme notfantasticme 2 days ago
I'm actually reading this while listening to dodie sick of losing soulmates
Just imagine a girl on her couch cuddling her doll and eating some raw ramen who is confused about her sexuality and has tear stains on her face from crying about another story and opening up to this. Then she lets another tear slip while listening to P!ATD...
                              That girl is me