NOT YOURS (a Davekat Fanfic)

NOT YOURS (a Davekat Fanfic)

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Bella By TheEvilEnd Completed

Davekat fanfic. This is definitely going to be a chapter book not a oneshot so be prepared ;o)

WARNING: boy x boy, maybe yaoi, fluff overload 


Multiple pairings throughout the story.

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0h r3ly D4v3y? Y0u sur3 y0u ww0uldn't st4rt m4king 0ut with )(im if y3u twwo ww3r3 4l0n3..?? CuZ yoOUrS TruLeY tHinKS YOu wWoUld MAKE A purrrfect MATCH. I aM aLl clAwwS FOr ThIS shIp aNd iT Is nOt sInKInG!! ANYBODY THAT THIINKS THE OPPOSIITE IIS AN IIGNORANT S)(IIT SPONGE!!
Alexbpeck Alexbpeck Apr 16
*sits here calmly because I don't mind solkat*
                              Y 'all N eed T o C hill
Lmao I'm a Filipino bUT HAHA I SOUND LIKE YOUR AVERAGE AMERICAN (only difference is that I talk too fast-)
Alexbpeck Alexbpeck Apr 16
W hat I n T he N ame O f A ndrew H ussie D o Y ou T hink Y ou're D oing S ollux?!
"Thank God no one saw"
                              Me: GOOD JOKE MATE BECuse I saw everything!!
- - Mar 30
when i started reading i was like "wait why do i feel like there's gonna be erisol"