You Better Impress Me (boyxboy) [complete] {editing}

You Better Impress Me (boyxboy) [complete] {editing}

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Troubled Teen Gay By troubled_teen_gay Completed

How do you take someone on a date when they hate everything you could do for a date? 

This is the exact problem Freddie faces when he decides to pluck up the courage to ask max on a date. Freddie used to bully max, turns out it was because he felt for him. Max secretly enjoyed the bullying because it meant Freddie noticed him, but he never expected Freddie to ask him out, let alone on his worst nightmare. A date. 

The journey two boys take to try and make a date work.

zxkd_xc zxkd_xc May 30
Off topic here but Brazilian guys do got some fire sex game..... just saying......
charmingkisses charmingkisses Jun 24, 2016
This is the best!!!! My last wish would be for every parent to be like that.
Pandabear158 Pandabear158 Jul 12, 2016
This is definitely going to be me as a mom, wanting at least one of my children to be gay
If someone talked like this about my kid I would threaten to slap them.
ajfnrigjc ajfnrigjc Feb 21, 2016
Me af except I would yell it and jump on the table while doing a happy dance and then I would fall and break my arm but I'd get up and buy a cake and we would celebrate