Perseus Jackson and His First Whole Year at School

Perseus Jackson and His First Whole Year at School

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cat By iamanawesometaco Updated Aug 25, 2015

[ a Percy Jackson / Harry Potter fanfiction ]

At the tender age of eleven, Percy Jackson has already saved the world once. Possibly twice. (Three times is pushing it though, that favor for Hermes wasn't nearly as important as the others he's done, even if it did prevent a major explosion in Memphis.) So he expects a break of some sort. Hopefully one that lasts for the rest of his life.

But no. A letter comes to him in the mail, addressed with peculiar accuracy, and his mother sends him off to a strange European school for people who wave sticks and wait for things to happen.

Only Percy is in the driver's seat now (bad idea, by the way) and he's going forth full throttle. No loitering around for him. He's going to charge into his first year at Hogwarts headfirst, Percy Jackson style, and leave white-tipped waves in his wake.

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