Suppress (Dae #1

Suppress (Dae #1

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EmmaEleanorRose By EmmaEleanorRose Updated Nov 15, 2015

Blood trickled down the corner of my mouth as my brother once again used his unnatural strength to throw me roughly to the ground. The impact drew the breath out of my lungs as my head hit against the mat. 

My twin's violet-blue eyes- a reflection of my own- flashed with only a moment of concern before going at me once again.

But I was ready.

I threw myself off the mat, rolled, and dodged his attack. I demanded my inner demon to reflect the strength that my brother was showing. 

I balled my fists as aimed for my twin's throat- a quick strong attack if done correctly. 

However, he blocked it easily. He made a jab at me with a full fist, but my inner demon summoned my unnatural strength, and without hesitation, I jabbed my twin's upper abdomen. His body clamped up as I hit the pressure point perfectly with my demon strength. 

Eli fell to the ground, his body stiffing as he slammed down onto the mat. I gave him a quick smile as I wiped the blood off my lip. But my victory did not la...

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