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ällison♡ By pantydropperwilk Updated Sep 03, 2016

No warnings all fluff :)

It was a sunny Saturday morning when you woke up with a sleeping harry cuddled up to you. He was laying on your chest while you were on your back. You tried to get up but Harrys grip on you tightened. 

"Harry" you wisper. He started stirring in his sleep while moaning and groaning not wanting to get up.

"5 more minutes babe." He said while you smiled down at him. He looked up and gave you a sleepy grin.

He then pulled you on top of him and kissed your forehead. "I need to get up harry I have work". You said whilst wiggling out of his grip and sitting at the edge of the bed.

You went up to go and use the washroom and put on your makeup while doing your makeup you saw harry open the door and put his arms around you waist, kiss your neck and say "I don't want you to go".

You blushed and continued doing your makeup. Harry stood there looking at you. "Is there something on my face?" You said. He quickly responded with "no beautiful I was just wondering why you...

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