A New Beginning (Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru)

A New Beginning (Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru)

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aesthxticly By aesthxticly Updated Jan 11, 2017

You had a hard life and your Dad just got involved in a Million dollar company which is in Japan. You start going to Ouran Academy and get involved in the host club. Read the story to find out more :P 

  I don't own Ouran but I own the story 

Amazing cover by DalvieCurtis

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__Weasley__Twins__ __Weasley__Twins__ Jun 24, 2017
Oh yes the famous "car crash" where the child survives. 
                              (I'm talking about Harry Potter. So don't feel offended)
i love that most stories when they talk about the petals the reader always chokes
Am I the only one who glanced at the cover for a moment and thought the background was Tide pods, the forbidden fruit? Just me?...M'k...
Shiori-chan04 Shiori-chan04 May 13, 2017
Normal person:-gets up no problem
                              Me:-screams-"TURN OFF THE SUN" AND claims in bed until I fall off
Armin_Krista Armin_Krista Jul 09, 2017
*sighs* welp! I can relate.To everything but Japan host club and dad owning a company.But ad step mom.Loose the bridge too.
Shiori-chan04 Shiori-chan04 Jul 09, 2017
"Handsome" men.......cough you mean "sexy" twins and random others