Yaoi one shots (Boy x Boy)

Yaoi one shots (Boy x Boy)

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Dakota By Ereri_Kira Updated Nov 12, 2016


What do you do when you've got gay ships and ideas but too many books already? Write a one shot book ;)

*I do NOT write anything that is daddy, pet-play or family/step family*

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iiMaxxy iiMaxxy May 15
*-Imagines Eren with a giraffe neck with his literal head in the clouds*-
iiMaxxy iiMaxxy May 15
Do butts even have a prostate like I'm always confused by this pls someone tell me XD
I mean you should already know, Levi. 
                              You kicked the living shìt out of him when he was on his knees
XD no questions asked just immediately stood between the legs. Bruh. I would've gone over to his side or something I wouldn't have been like "aight make room"
*imagines Levi with British accent*
- - Apr 04, 2016
I do appreciate your dirty mind, always makes for a great fan fic. Anyway, I like the way you write, a wonderfully dirty story.