Turning his life Upside down~ ereri highschool  au

Turning his life Upside down~ ereri highschool au

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leviislovelife By leviislovelife Updated Jan 01, 2016

Eren Yeager is a 17 year old, rich boy who rules Maria's-titans high school along with his sister mikasa. Levi heichou 16yrs old is the new boy around school, along with a couple friends from his home town, Armin, Annie, Christa, Petra, Isabel, farlen, Hanji and Erwin. One day Levi bumps into eren in the school halls, and eren feels love for the smaller instantly, but Levi doesn't feel the same. So, since eren is the top of the school he tries to make the boy fall in love with him, by bothering and interfering with him. literally making his life a kawaii living love hell.

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Mind534 Mind534 Aug 06
A school girl outfit. I find "no" clichė in this, none at all.
Silvermiss1 Silvermiss1 Jun 06
I was about to say a marco joke but I forgot HALF of it 
                              Please dont hate me
ErenPrze ErenPrze May 02
I feel like the description of this book is technically all of OHSHC
Mind534 Mind534 Aug 06
I need a picture on this, it can ne stick figs but I need a picture
"I guess."
                              Ehemm.... Levi, you didn't really know...
                              The more you hate, the more you love...
                              BITCH PLEASE, THINK STRAIGHT!!!
it_doesnt_matter_but it_doesnt_matter_but Jul 14, 2016
Trying to imagine Wut girly skinny jeans would look like...
                              For real tho do they just not have pockets like most girl jeans 😂😂😂