The Older Potter

The Older Potter

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ѕαмαηтнα By Ilvermornist Updated Sep 06

Samantha Potter lived a normal life. She went to Hogwarts, played Quidditch, and tried to pass History of Magic.

But that all changes when she reunites with the Boy Who Lived, her younger brother. Secrets will be revealed, memories will be made, and Dark forces must be stopped.
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Everything belongs to the queen JK Rowling except Samantha Potter and a few plot changes!! I don't own anything that is hers!!

This story contains excessive plot twists and cliffhangers. Side effects include crying, yelling, inward cursing, and sleepless nights. Read with caution.

I know this story is probably going to make me cry!! IM READY
That trailer was awesome and shows that you've put tonnes of work into this story
That Trailer Was Sick!!! I'm normally not one to like book trailers but that one was Amazingly AMAZING
That was freaking awesome. Tell me your secrets.😁😁😁