Fight For You | Louis Tomlinson

Fight For You | Louis Tomlinson

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Kennedy Tucker By Itskennedy112233 Completed

Meet Louis- Brown hair, Blue eyes, loud, funny, crazy, loves pranks, just got out of a relationship, living a wonderful life in One Direction
Meet Brooke- Brown hair, Green eyes, dimples, Broken, hurt, lost, scared, lonely, never had a boyfriend, Step Parents abandoned and kicked her out, never heard of One Direction

Louis just got out of a relationship and planned on focusing on his career, no love or girl friends. Well things never work out the way you plan right? That's when he met Brooke. Louis fell for Brooke and same thing goes for Brooke. Brooke is broken, hurt, lost, lonely, and scared when she runs into the one and only Louis Tomlinson. Her step parents abandoned and kicked her out so she has no where to go. Louis helps her out and keeps her a secret from the lads except Brooke was found on accident. Everything goes great when Brooke and Louis have a love connection and she moves in with the lads. There is just one problem. The lads find out Brooke is Harry's long lost sister.  Harry becomes protective of Brooke and made a rule not to have the lads date her. Louis promises to protect Brooke, but Harry still doesn't allow it. Will things change? Rules be broken? Promises be broken? Secrets be kept? Will love over come everything?

"I promise I will keep you safe and protect you," he said. "I don't know Louis. I'm scared of what will happen," I said. "Brooke I promise you I will always be here for you no matter what," he said. "What will Harry even say?" I asked. "Doesn't matter. I love you too much to not have you," he said. I looked down and a tear slipped from my eye. He lifted my chin up and cupped my face with his hands. He wiped a tear from my eye and lightly pressed his lips onto mine. I closed my eyes as our lips moved in sync. "I will never leave you," he murmured against my lips. "Do you trust me?" He asked. I opened my eyes and looked back. "I trust you."

People are saying "that's Harry or Harrys twin" and I'm like no there's one big thing she doesn't flirt
Ohmyglob SHE DESCRIBED MEH CDJSB JF BJCBDJ my name isn't brooke tho
In the summary thingy. Don't give away too much information. Bc you're basically already telling the story.
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Louis falls for a girl that is a girl version of Harry and she ends up being Harry's long lost sister... weird
Im taller than my mom and my 16 year old sister but im young