When Two Goddess Meet (LGBT)

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Rine Alexander or CGL By crazygamelover Updated 14 days ago
For a top model like Rhiannon Lee Dawn, flying from New York to Paris for editorial, then to Milan for shooting ads is pretty much normal. At the age of sixteen she make big bucks. Her carrer is on fire. But not her love life. She never thought about it until a day at a photo shoot where she meet Freya. A beautifully out of this world photographer. They instantly click. But Rhiannon find out about Freya secret that torn her apart.
I like the story line hope you would continue and finish the story.
hey..i so love the story!! when will you update this??im so excited!! *^__^*
Sorry i just cant read these books, the grammar puts me off reading and i know engliish is not your first language but good luck and keep going girl.
It's a good story and all but there r a lot of spelling errors and I mean A LOT
It's a good story line, but I found it difficult to read. Some of the grammar could use some work. keep it up though looking forward to reading the next chapter
Can't wait for the next chapters, i do love the story,please post the ff.chapter. :)