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A Cutter's Lullaby (Chris Motionless Story)

A Cutter's Lullaby (Chris Motionless Story)

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Ashley By XxakthecreaturexX Completed

To a young girl like Nicole, her problems shouldn't be anyone's concern, espically a rockstar. Nicole is a long term self harmer on the brink of destruction and she can only dream of escape of her abrasive father and constant harassment at school. On the verge of graduation and contemplating suicide she discovers her brother Bobby has a well known friend, Chris Motionless. She is well aware of who he is, she found out about his blog before his music and surprisingly some days his words have helped her. Chris has been a friend of Bobby's for years and agrees to help Bobby with his little sister by taking her back to Scranton with him. Nicole goes along, just desperate for a change in her dark world, but as she developes real feelings for Chris she finds out he is already taken and she is driven deeper into her depression. She fights as hard as she can to keep it a secret from Chris, in hopes that she can gain the courage to end her pain before he realizes what she's doing.   

Will Chris see through Nicole's lies and save her from herself? Or will she end up being a terrible memory?

THANK YOU! THIS IS SO ACURATE! It's always like: *cuts* person says hi. Oh I am not sad. I will not cut again. IT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS, so thank you for making it acurate <3
kitkatloveskpop kitkatloveskpop Jul 10, 2016
Same. I have blue eyes but from a distance they look grey. This one girl was like "omg your eyes are so cool. I've never seen someone with naturally grey eyes." I was like they're blue but thanks.
simpiaandy simpiaandy Oct 19, 2016
I think  I  olmost hyperventilated I  have  never  been  to  a concert  so I  would  have  a  angsity attack
ZiggyHorror ZiggyHorror Feb 14
I have a brown/ green hazel affect and you can only really see the green when I'm super happy otherwise it doesn't show a whole lot
TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo Jun 23, 2016
5 days clean whoo. Thank you mom for causing me to feel worthless enough to do it anyways... 😔
I cringed xD (Bout the toilet sounds) the other parts are sad :(