Yuri Reader Inserts

Yuri Reader Inserts

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|| King | Utopie || By AntiUtopie Updated Mar 07, 2016

Just a bunch of Female!Character x Female!Reader I'll be writing.

I will be doing characters from yuri anime, normal anime, mangas, cartoons(?), games, novels, gender bent characters, and maybe more.

I will not do any lemon fics, but the stories might get dark and violent. Reader discretion is advised.
...Though it's probably gonna be lots and lots of fluff. Be prepaaared! 

Feel free to request by commenting or leaving me a message. I'll do my best and try to write it as soon as possible. Little reminder that I haven't watched all the anime in the world and I might not know about your character.

Pantera42 Pantera42 Dec 19, 2016
Nami (one piece) x tsudere reader
                              Machi (hunter x hunter) x mute reader
                              Nico (love live) x inu (dog) reader
Azureman136 Azureman136 Nov 07, 2016
Haruhi Suzumia x dragon reader, or Mashiro shiina x flirty reader please :)
KittySorrentini KittySorrentini Feb 18, 2016
Would you be willing to do Akeno (highschool dxd) x Shy! Reader
tsunpennut tsunpennut Nov 25, 2016
Deredere!Hatsune Miku x Hajidere!Reader
                              Taiga Aisaka x Hajidere! Reader
                              Viridi (kid icarus uprising) x Hajidere!Reader
                              Choose one of the three, please. Not all 3 because I'm sure you're already busy.
                              Btw a hajidere is someone who blushes alot (alot alot) and is very shy. Thank you! ~Kayla
heckboy heckboy Sep 19, 2015
i loved the celes one!! could i possibly request a junko x reader??