The good girl turns bad (Granger to Gaunt)

The good girl turns bad (Granger to Gaunt)

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It was half way though the summer holiday's when I heard a loud pecking sound coming from my window. I opened it up and the Hogwarts owl flew in and dropped my Hogwarts letter straight in my hands and flew off out of the window. I was really excited to go back to Hogwarts and finish my seventh year after it being ruined by Voldemort. I ripped it opened and it read. 

Dear Hermione Granger, 
I would like to inform you that you have been invited back to do your seventh year at Hogwarts and I would like to inform you that you have been appointed head girl. I also need to inform you that everyone is getting resorted into a new house. I hope that you accept this invitation and I hope to see you on September 1st ready for the new school year ahead. 
Minerva McGonagall 

I am so excited to go back now especially cause I will be head girl but I wonder who got head boy maybe Harry did so I decided to send and owl to Ginny, Ron and Harry. 

Dear Harry, Ron and Ginny if your reading thi...

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no one is this calm!!!??? I wouldn't be I would be straight up pissed!
amyjimin21 amyjimin21 Mar 03
Well......that was smooth well not rlly smooth but that was fast and blunt
0b5e55ed 0b5e55ed Jul 25, 2017
Oh wow, exactly the was that it's best to hear, in the morning on your BIRTHDAY. Well played, parents, well played. Very smooth
I hate the nose and belly ring part but everything else nice!
She went all bad on us like DAYUM
                              WAY TO FLIP LIKE A LIGHTSWITCH GIRL
hermy-one hermy-one Feb 22
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly
                              Can i just say
                              Well that esculated quickly