Lesbian dirty imagines

Lesbian dirty imagines

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lesboforgirls By lesboforgirls Updated Mar 20, 2013

So you just got home and your having a slumber party with ur BFF. 

I popped in the disc and went to the bed and sat down. Ariana came and said," hey u mind if I change in here" "what not at all", I replied. She starts takin her clothes off. Her stomach is soo tan and her legs, I was getting wetter by the second, until I couldn't hold it in anymore.n

I jumped up and grabbed her arm and turned her around and kissed her with passion, soon the kiss got more heated. She pushed me on the bed and got on top of me and took of my clothes just leaving my thong on. She stared at me hungrily. She slowly started to pull off my thong she quickly flicked it on the floor. She spread my legs apart and started to kiss up my thighs until she got to my pussy. 

"Do I make you wet baby", she asked I quickly moaned a response. She slowly bent down and started swirling her tongue in and out of me. Ughhhhhhhh it was driving me crazy. I grasped her hair and pushed her into me even more. I let out a few moans...

Pleaseee update!!!
                              Oh and my name's Destiny and I would like a threesome with a girl called Tiana and another girl called Sadie
Hi I think my bestie is hot and her name is Chloe my name is Cassie I want it really dirty please
Megan_Luke Megan_Luke Dec 18, 2015
I'm megan and Giselle is my bestfriends Can I get a lesbian one
TheDoctorGuy TheDoctorGuy Sep 24, 2015
Younger sister of my girlfriend put this on my wattpad claiming I need to fap more... I'm just sitting here like "...is that it?"
Muchi_Styles Muchi_Styles Jul 12, 2015
please update!!! stepmotherxsister, sisterxsirter, threesome?!!!
EmilySmith8 EmilySmith8 May 26, 2014
Omfg. Can you write me one please ... I messages you check your inbox