Find my courage <Pokémon fanfiction>

Find my courage <Pokémon fanfiction>

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The one and only By shinymewgirl Updated 5 days ago

Leaving her past in Unova, Paige hopes to finally find peace in Hoenn. 

But with little voices whispering in her head and a strange new Pokemon appearing in her dreams it soon becomes obvious to Paige that something strange is happening in Hoenn. The further she digs into the secrets of Hoenn the more she finds out not only about herself but the forgotten past of Hoenn itself. 

Join her as she teams up Jake and Milly once more to save the region and find her place in the beautiful world around 

And as she finds out, that dreams can come true.


I don't own Pokémon but I own my OCs and plot.

Something weird is the picture up top of the girl, if you switch the eye and hair color so they're the other way around, that would be a character I created a while ago
OH yeah the thing that happened in one of the episodes with Nurse Joys Audino
For more details on the whole other story, read book one! 
                              I just read the last part of the paragraph and was like, we need  a commercial right here.
Is the old lady Iris? The girl Ash traveled with when he was in Unova, she had an Axew
I totally just read that in the voice of the original Pokedex XD
keep up the great work (if you saw the last comment sorry i went a bit emo there)