unbreakable ↯ the flash / barry allen [ ON HOLD ]

unbreakable ↯ the flash / barry allen [ ON HOLD ]

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Alexandra By -corahale Updated Feb 24, 2016

"Close your eyes while I put my arms around you and make you unbreakable."


"Every great story has a great beginning."

My name is Altesa Blake.
Two years ago, my parents, two of the few most influentional and important people in Central City, were murdered, but the terrible crime was covered up by a story for the press - they said it was an accident.
A year after their death, my brother dissapeared. Soon after that, I decided to follow his footsteps.

When I ran away, I tried living my life to the fullest. But it was hard, since my ex best friend was trying to find me and her father was a cop.

After two months of hiding in Starling City, I met Oliver Queen. We helped eachother and forged a bond too strong to break.

Finally I learnt that life isn't always fair and that you have to fight and work to get what you want -  and you have to have the courage to take it.

But as soon as I thought I started a new life, a job offer presented itself - I was invited to work at S.T.A.R. labs, the best laboratories in the Cities. Unfortunately, they were operating in Central City - the city that I ran from.

In the past year, I was searching for a great, new begining far away from Central City, but it was my fate that I got it when I returned to my first home.

My story began the day I got hit by lightning.

Because after that, my life changed completely.

And I met Barry Allen.

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So it’s kind of like Gotham and The Flash mixed together. Okay.
LoveAllFandomsA113 LoveAllFandomsA113 Oct 03, 2016
My sister keeps walking up behind me and going
                              My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fattest man alive
                              In a really weird voice
moonacre43 moonacre43 Mar 31, 2016
This teaser was wicked hot! I suck at making videos......and updating.......I should actually be doing that instead up reading.......
LilyRose252 LilyRose252 Aug 15, 2016
Hey this teaser is great. How do you make one??? I seriously need to know!!
CobraKali1972 CobraKali1972 Apr 14, 2016
My one thought through the entire teaser: "dayyuummm"
                              It was seriously awesome!