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Kaoru x reader

Kaoru x reader

13.5K Reads 470 Votes 6 Part Story
Bunny By buonabell Completed

Kaoru was my first anime crush soo I decided to write a story ps. You hate guys in this one

Jasmine0Hatsuka Jasmine0Hatsuka Oct 08, 2016
Kaoru's voice is kinda lighter then Hikaru's and their personalities are different
Strawberry_Cuppycake Strawberry_Cuppycake Aug 25, 2016
Every time I hear butler 
                              Brain: SEBASTIAN, CIEL, BASSSSSSSY!!!!
Kissanimeloverlo Kissanimeloverlo Apr 04, 2016
If that's the case then why don't we join lobelia? jk I hate lobelia
Rinandhatsuki Rinandhatsuki Apr 16, 2016
I tell them apart though action and looks, I don't know how but in always right
Mcj-ender Mcj-ender May 24, 2016
Omg kyoya in a butler suit all I can see is sebastian from black butler >u<
-Official_Lily- -Official_Lily- Jul 09, 2016
Every time I see these words I laugh because Sam gladiator was playing a game and spent five minutes to spell ass hole with blocks!