How to deal with Gryffindors

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LemonPeach By LemonPeach Updated 2 years ago
A Harry Potter fan fictionof dealing with my least favourite house-I am a slytherin.
@LemonPeach K >:) DIE LAVENDER I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!
                                    For a second a thought you were going to say Seamus... I LOVE SEAMUS!!! XD
GENIUS!!!!! THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!! except i dont like picking on Neville.... :P
Very funny.. just one question? Once you've sent the note, what do you do with the polyjuice potion? Oh, and here's just a little tip.. it's easier to read if you use 'pharagraphs'.. I know it mostly is, but the last one is kinda long.  Anyways, great job, and congrats on being on the WHL!!
Haha! Wow, Cal, that was actually good!! Seriously, I didn't know you were that funny! Upload more to it soon ;) xx