Teenage Sex Academy

Teenage Sex Academy

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Endurance By Victoria_Black02 Completed

17 year old Elsa Crystalline is a bad girl if you know what I mean;). So her dad not able to stop her from doing so enrolls her in a school where she will get her way and do what she loves to do. Its an institution called The TSA which stands for The Teenage Sex Academy. 

17 year old Jackson Frost is a naughty boy sleeping around but staying protected his parents are fed up so they also enroll him in The TSA. Where they know he'll be happy. what happens when Jack and Elsa's worlds collide? Read to find out. 

WARNING: This story will have major sexual parts if not mature enough dont read if u are enjoy if ur immature but still read don't say i didn't warn u.

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love_learn_or-forget love_learn_or-forget Aug 30, 2016
What made me want to read this again... Who's candy. Why lord why
Roy_Is_a_Mess Roy_Is_a_Mess Mar 24, 2016
Ok..its called "teenage Sex Academy" dafuq were you expecting ? some happy bunny cliche? I think not bitch
darkmoon1112 darkmoon1112 Jan 04, 2017
Teenage Sex Academy. Really? Sex? WTH is everyone like 'omg' and 'what the hell'. What do u not get from the sex part I mean COME ON.
__Annabeth__Chase_ __Annabeth__Chase_ Jan 19, 2016
I love reading talks comments they are to DAM funny lol 😂😂😂😂
Snowflake_Killer Snowflake_Killer Jan 09, 2016
Well this should be real interesting, wasn't expecting that first page in 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Foxjakemelman Foxjakemelman Dec 26, 2015
Some people flip and there's people like me who have sense enough to realize a story Called "teenaged sex academy" probably is about sex