Jaden Yuki x Reader

Jaden Yuki x Reader

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Yu-Gi-Oh Watty Winner! 

Hello! This is a story about the Yu-Gi-Oh GX main character, Jaden Yuki. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh GX or the characters. All rights go to the creators.

***Don't copy me! I will hunt you down if you do! The storyline is mine and I worked hard to come up with it.***

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1. Rico Ishtar (don't ask why)
                              2. Blue
                              3. Very long
                              4. Cookies
                              5. ?
                              6. Domino High School
                              7. Veronika Ishtar
                              8. Heng Ishtar
Awkward moment where the deck used is the same style deck I play at my school irl... spellcaster/dragons for the win!
Y/N L/N - Tsubaki Suzuran
                              Y/HC - RED
                              Y/HL - ABOVE SHOULDER
                              Y/FF - ADOBO
                              Y/SN - DUEALING SCHOOL
                              Y/MN - YUKI SUZURAN
                              Y/FN - MICHEL SUZURAN
ChiyokoTenshi ChiyokoTenshi May 07, 2016
Wow , It's really true that I'm quiet but I'm not shy . My classmates always thinks I'm shy , but I not . I just  don't speak a lot about myself or so and sometimes I don't know what I should say to someone at that moment  .
SilverAnime7 SilverAnime7 May 08, 2016
Wow sounds exciting I can't wait to read this book so I won't wait
Eclips_DragonWolf Eclips_DragonWolf Dec 29, 2016
Quick question i thought HL stans for hair length and HS stands for hairstyle