Jaden Yuki x Reader

Jaden Yuki x Reader

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Yu-Gi-Oh Watty Winner! 

Hello! This is a story about the Yu-Gi-Oh GX main character, Jaden Yuki. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh GX or the characters. All rights go to the creators.

***Don't copy me! I will hunt you down if you do! The storyline is mine and I worked hard to come up with it.***

preafyx preafyx Sep 03
I had written my own yugioh story if anyone would like to read it
That is so weird cuz the teacher is usually like "No students of the opposite gender can come within 30 yards of each other past 12:00 pm!"
I havent seen all the seasons but i didnt like him since epis partnershipde one😒😒😝😝
Lily_Quaun Lily_Quaun Jul 05
                              Sorry this isn't my first spellcaster deck using reader story involving Crystal Seer
                              The character shortened it to cryst
RebelMist RebelMist Jun 03
I see all this awesome beat down comments then I see I am extremely Asian da hell lol
Y/N L/N - Tsubaki Suzuran
                              Y/HC - RED
                              Y/HL - ABOVE SHOULDER
                              Y/FF - ADOBO
                              Y/SN - DUEALING SCHOOL
                              Y/MN - YUKI SUZURAN
                              Y/FN - MICHEL SUZURAN