Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader)

Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader)

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Light By Llightyagami Completed

What happens when Kira falls for you? What happens when he might actually have a softer side to him. But what if you like him back? From a shy girl to Kiras helper You begin to decide to help him make the world a better place but with L tracking your every move it might be a little hard. You start to develop feelings for light. Would that make you crazy for liking a mass murderer?

(I wanted to make a light x reader because Light deserves more love <3 there aren't many Light x readers so I'm happy to make one!) 

(I do not own death note or any of its characters. I also don't own the cover arts I use for the chapters.)

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*Jared from Dear Evan Hansen pops up* 
                              Jared- "Kinky!"
                              *Disappears in a puff of dust*
This is such an accurate description of my life🤣🤣🤣 This really is me😅
Weeb_1 Weeb_1 Feb 02
Sounds like me! But I only have 6 friends and I rarely get to see then at school!
Acac2334 Acac2334 Feb 11
                              wake me up inside
                              I CAN'T WAKE UP
                              wake me up inside
                              SAVE MEEEEEEE
Tarael117 Tarael117 Feb 07
I’m barely even allowed to have someone of another  gender in my house...
"as your central heterochromized brown-green eyes met his brown ones"
                              if you don't get it Google it