Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader)

Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader)

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Light By Llightyagami Completed

What happens when Kira falls for you? What happens when he might actually have a softer side to him. But what if you like him back? From a shy girl to Kiras helper You begin to decide to help him make the world a better place but with L tracking your every move it might be a little hard. You start to develop feelings for light. Would that make you crazy for liking a mass murderer?

(I wanted to make a light x reader because Light deserves more love <3 there aren't many Light x readers so I'm happy to make one!) 

(I do not own death note or any of its characters. I also don't own the cover arts I use for the chapters.)

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QuenyCup QuenyCup Nov 11
B0i, I've read this story 4 times. It's gonna be my 5th time soon tho^-^
Who else thought of the seen were the mom was like "Light are you hungry" and he replies with "nah the hotel maids helped with that" then his sister was like "OMG HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT TO MOM" LMAFOOOOOOOOOOO
Ember_Wolfe Ember_Wolfe 4 days ago
Do you stalk me or something I mean except for my parents working 24/7 everything else is completely accurate
SixZeroNine SixZeroNine Nov 03
Damn he's telling me about the Death Note this early? I just met him!
Sup hot stuff *light blushes* that's right I can "read" your mind
DracosAss DracosAss 2 days ago
Everyone’s talking about their names while I’m just a basic American with a basic name
                              samantha aspen....