Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader)

Insane yet Sweet (Light x reader)

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Light By Llightyagami Completed

What happens when Kira falls for you? What happens when he might actually have a softer side to him. But what if you like him back? From a shy girl to Kiras helper You begin to decide to help him make the world a better place but with L tracking your every move it might be a little hard. You start to develop feelings for light. Would that make you crazy for liking a mass murderer?

(I wanted to make a light x reader because Light deserves more love <3 there aren't many Light x readers so I'm happy to make one!) 

(I do not own death note or any of its characters. I also don't own the cover arts I use for the chapters.)

JeongHansDevil JeongHansDevil Dec 25, 2016
This is going to be quite difficult since My real Name's Kira XD
S_Paine S_Paine Jan 06
Because no one is home.... Unless t.v.  Now counts as family.
shemelolfandoms shemelolfandoms a day ago
I thrive in the darkness....fear me.
                              BOI B DED I TEL U!
I was talking to my teacher (who is fit asf) about who we would kill if we could get away with it, I said "3 come to this school and 2 outside, and probably a few more on the side." He told me to stay away from knives and has ignored me since :( depressing times.
dopesthetic dopesthetic Jan 07
We are gonna b seeing Fifty Shades Of Grey amiright (◐∇◐*)
PotatoNugget2230 PotatoNugget2230 Dec 30, 2016
*Eyebrow wiggle*
                              I really wonder what Ryuk is saying to him right now XD