The Surprise at  My Doorstep (On Hold)

The Surprise at My Doorstep (On Hold)

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4EverAStoryTeller By 4EverAStoryTeller Updated Jul 10

Colton Blackmore has not had a privileged life. Abused, ignored, and having completely given up hope of having a better life, he acts out. Drinking, sex, and getting bad grades are all he really does. People don't know why he acts this way and they really don't care. All the girls just like him for his bad boy ways and looks. Drinking is his way of escaping. Sex is his way to try and find love, which he desperately wants, even though he knows it's just meaningless sex. Love is practically the only thing left in life he really wants. Bad grades is his way of getting noticed and crying out for someone to help him.

One night, after having one too many drinks, he makes a mistake or two, really. Approximately, 9 months later, Colton gets a surprise on his doorstep. Twins and a note. Not knowing what to do but not wanting or willing to give them up, he keeps them. After all it's his chance to be loved by someone and to love someone in turn. 

Now he has to take care of his twins and keep them hidden from everyone, especially his abusive parents. Lord only knows what they would do to his twins if they found out about them, not that he would allow anything to happen to them. He would die before they hurt his babies. Yet what happens when the girl, who everyone ignores, finds out his secret?

Authors note:

I would just like to say that this book does involve abuse, and I don't want someone to read this book if it makes them uncomfortable. 

On another note, the cover was made by rosey1912. Yay!!

Huntress93 Huntress93 Sep 12, 2015
This is such a cute story already. Great job , can't wait for the next update.