The Twin Ackerman Sisters

The Twin Ackerman Sisters

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Luna Ackerman is the younger twin sister of Mikasa Ackerman. When they were both about 9 years old and living with their adoptive family, The Yeagers, they were split up when, the now called Colossal Titan, kicked a giant whole in the wall letting in titans. 

While trying to escape to the boats, they were split apart by people rushing to get on. Mikasa safely got on the boat, but Luna couldn't make it. Helpless Luna just climbed a tree, in hope that someone would help her.

Then someone did...

Find out her new life story with a man that she had heard of, but never got the chance to meet.

I can tell you this...

It ain't pretty...

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rubyroserwby123 rubyroserwby123 Aug 04, 2017
Aw i cry on this in the anime mikasa should have a sister in the anime m i right?
sal191076 sal191076 Jul 08, 2017
Lol i did a trick.
                              Last one to the fridge wins.
                              I knew i cant beat the one-and-only Mikasa.
                              So i cheated
sal191076 sal191076 Jul 08, 2017
What dp you call a perfect family like this?
                              I m a g i n a t i o n
me: *fighting with sister*
                              sister: *starts kicking me and hitting me*
                              *3 mins later*
                              me: look sis funneh made a new video
                              sis: *sits on couch with me*
Miienna Miienna Jun 21, 2017
Me and my twin. We can't stay mad at eachother for over than 5 minutes xD. Although we don't apoligize later, we just pretend that nothing happened xD
If my sister and me would have done this for our mom she would’ve said what do you want for me now