Escape (Nikki and Randy Story)

Escape (Nikki and Randy Story)

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Nikki's pov:

  I walk into my house hoping I wouldn't wake up my boyfriend Brock Lesnar if I do I'll get a beating of a life time. I just came back from my sister house for celebrating her and Bryan anniversary. When I got up to the bedroom I saw Brock was sleeping so I went to go change, but when I got back he wasn't there. All of a sudden I felt a fist hit my face and I fell to the ground.


N: [crying] I was at Brie's.

B: LIAR! [starts kicking her in the stomach]

N: Brock please stop!

B: [stops] You just love making me mad don't you?  

N: [holding her stomach]

B: Get up you look pathetic.

  I was still laying on floor trying my best to get up, but I couldn't. Then Brock grab me and threw me on the bed. All night I lay in bed with tears running down my eyes wondering if I can escape this beast laying beside me. Who was once the men I loved.


   I was in my locker room getting ready for Brie and I match when I heard a knock from the door. I went to go a...

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legendkillers legendkillers Apr 30, 2016
This is awsome ! I love this ! I ship Randy and Nikki and i'm si happy then somebody ship then ! 😍😍😍 I'm from France !