Didn't Expect

Didn't Expect

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I don't remember much after I blacked out, my head was throbbing. I tried to move my hands to the back of my head, to feel any blood from the hard hit, but my hands were tied to each bar handle of the chair. It was dark, pitch black. "Somebody help," I shout. Then, I heard movement from the corner of the room.
"Shh, don't scream," someone whispers. I shot my head in the direction the voice came from. I can hear footsteps coming towards me. I still can't make out who is in the darkness. Then, I felt hands being placed on mine. My heart started beating faster than ever. The grip on my arms tightened, as I let out a little squeal. Inches away from my face, I felt hot breath on my skin. 

"You're mine," the voice says.

Alison is just your average senior with achieving scores. Her life turns upside down when a serial killer is sexually obsessed with her. Will Alison figure a way to stop the killer, or will she fall into the game?

Highest Ranking: #9 mystery/thriller 02/05/2018

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so far I read the first chapter and I really like it so I'm adding to my library.
I keep reading Nikki and then I start thinking of Nikki Misery
Im glad I have meth first period because its a great brain exercise right in the morning
Psh! Like anyone is that happy about going to math at 7am in the morning
d33p_soul d33p_soul Feb 27
Lmao I can totally relate. Cause when push comes to shove 😫