Ethereal Angels

Ethereal Angels

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Dani By EleanorHelena Updated Oct 06

"No escaping this place, " Falentine whispered in her ear.

"You belong to us now"

Adelina and Tessa, her twin sister, live in the small town of Illysia with her boyfriend Daniel. She was safe and cared for by her overprotective parents. 

The world beyond the woods of Illysia is perilous, and Adelina doesn't know much about how the world came to an end and how supernatural beings with power, unlike anything she could ever imagine now rule it.

Things change when Adelina meets the rulers of this world, and she begins to question everything. Who is she, Why is she here, What do they want with her, and why have they been searching for her? 

As Adelina comes face to face with her new chaotic world, she soon discovers that there is one question more important than any other. Can she protect herself as well as the ones she loves?

  • angel
  • captured
  • chosen
  • death
  • demon
  • demons
  • devil
  • dystopian
  • evil
  • hostage
  • innocent
  • kidnapped
  • paranormal
  • possessive
  • pure
  • ritual
  • sacrifice
  • supernatural
  • vampire
royal888 royal888 Dec 27, 2016
This cover you have is cool... But I really really miss your previous cover.. the colourful one.. I loved the magical colour of it... This cover is lovely but I think the other one matched the theme of the book better
tellsbooks tellsbooks Feb 19, 2016
We have the same idea, thank you for that! Build up makes for a great story, in my opinion at least.
royal888 royal888 Jan 12, 2017
Please bring back old cover ... that was abit more fitting to story... the purple aura one... this one is ok but I miss the other one more than I like this one
mikoma2 mikoma2 Apr 08, 2016
Nice...  I may get so engrossed in to the story that I may forget to comment on every chapter but I'll surely vote
Regular_Guy Regular_Guy Jan 24, 2016
I don't remember where I ended so I'll just start from the beginning. Oh, and I love the trailer. So epic!!!
SilverMemories123 SilverMemories123 Jan 02, 2016
You know, its creepy how one of the characters has my name on it... Its Adelina by the way...