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CrazyAnimeLife1 By CrazyAnimeLife1 Updated Aug 05, 2017

Naruto is a poor and lonely boy, who works every hour of every day, to earn money to survive. 

Gaara is an unchanging prince from an age ago, cursed to protect his country for eternity.

When the two meet, 
and the country is attacked, 

will the two finally get the chance at love they have been yearning for? 

Or will they fall never knowing they warm embrace of another's arms?

  • boy
  • church
  • farm
  • farmboy
  • gaanaru
  • gaara
  • gaaraxnaruto
  • lgbtq
  • love
  • narugaa
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  • romance
  • vampire
  • war
PainfullyDyingInside PainfullyDyingInside Nov 12, 2017
But then I remember i'm a minor but my family has vegetable seeds and a goat amd two horses
My god Naruto have you never heard about a women giving signs.
zeka_lee zeka_lee May 17, 2017
I've always shipped Kakashi and Iruka. Glad to see someone else ship them.
PainfullyDyingInside PainfullyDyingInside Nov 12, 2017
All I've ever wanted was to own and work on a farm, complete with crops, dairy goats, meat cows (even though beef is disgusting unless it's cooked a certain way), and horses.
TheQueenOfProfanity TheQueenOfProfanity Dec 04, 2016
"... blood, sweat and tears" I'm sorry, I had to. 😆😀 But the story is great so far.👍
Narutoismylover22 Narutoismylover22 Aug 11, 2015
.......I didn't know cucumbers came out of the ground *blushes* I thought they grew on trees