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in which a married doctor has an affair with his patient

warning: graphic sexual content. do not read if you are under the age of 18 

August 2015

discontinued: September 16, 2017

KnifeBieber KnifeBieber Aug 19
An excuse to see dr bieber, i mean, yes moral support is key to a good sisterhood
Y'all are like "stop hating on hailey" but y'all are forgetting she shaded the fück out of Justin multiple times before they even got together and has said some pretty disrespectful stuff about ather celebrities
KnifeBieber KnifeBieber Aug 19
surely this is illegal (it should be a female doctor assessing a female) 
                              but if i was her, I wouldn't be complaining lmao
Hmm why do I feel like he needs a lawyer because he wanna divorce his wife after meeting Eliana? Idk wierd thought heh
Eat healthy hm? Well...your dick sounds pretty healthy to me😋😇😉
KnifeBieber KnifeBieber Aug 19
justin as a dad😍😍😍😩😩😩😩FATHER MY CHILDREN