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Stereo Underground  (Rebels! Hetalia X  Reader)

Stereo Underground (Rebels! Hetalia X Reader)

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APHetalia Reader Inserts By hetaliareaderinserts Updated Jul 14, 2016

"Good eeeevniing, World! This is your favorite hamburger eating DJ, Alfred F. Jones bringing you the best news and music from the underground! It seems we have a new streamer online~"

(Y/n) was a regular girl in a strange world.
Since the end of WWW III in 2065, all the countries acted together to enforce strict and crazy rules onto the people of the world. 
And if it weren't for (Y/n)'s traveler's radio picking up a strange unknown signal, then she wouldn't have known anything about the loop holes and risks that the new government is making.

"A bat to the head is not a good way to calm a woman down, idiot."

StalkingFandoms StalkingFandoms Jul 06, 2016
I have a cousin named Manuel and we dislike each other with buring passion
Skythekiiler Skythekiiler Nov 29, 2016
"German flag, Kitty mask, Strange curl" 
                              DOITSU ITALIA HONDA
- - Oct 07, 2016
Hopefully that wasn't McDonalds...I've microwaved burgers and fries from there before....big mistake
ashley_rowe ashley_rowe Dec 30, 2016
Don't trust me with microwaves. The last one time I tried reheating something, the food inside caught on fire and ruined the whole microwave. Wasn't the first time it happened either...
CanterburyGirl CanterburyGirl Aug 02, 2016
I just want to tell you that I'm really enjoying this story so far ^u^
IGoByManyNamez IGoByManyNamez Nov 23, 2016
Just as I read this, I heard someone driving chaotically outside making the sound of screeching rubber along the road. XD