Game Changers

Game Changers

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Kain in the MM*


Kain ain't my real name. Its Kiheem (K.I.He.M) i get my nick name from Cain off of Menace II society. I was born a month after they dropped it and my mama was addicted to it. But im more like O-Dog it be like that in the streets. 

Im 22, 6'4, born June 21, 1993. I aint got no mama, she died from Cancer when I was 5 and my pops died in a shoot out when i was 16. I had a big sister, but she got kill fuckin' with the wrong nigga so i had to take care of that. But she left me a three year old niece to look after, now its just her, and I
Ohh, and my day one nigga Li Red and his sister Bee. They pops name was Big Red, they pops and mine was like brothers.

But on this girlfriend shit cause I know yall nosey. You already know my hoe ass aint got one. But thats only cause that bitch Ty. That shit crazy, bitch waist 5 years of my life, had my lookin' stupid, and pinned a fuckin' kid on me.

Thats way i dont do relationships, i get this money, take care of the big shit, a...

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gah damn. great intro. can you go comment and vote on my book too