Exposed (#wattys2016)

Exposed (#wattys2016)

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alien By dulling Completed

Completed. BoyxBoy. 
Moving from Orlando to Philadelphia changes nineteen year old Hale's life - literally. His alcoholic aunt is never home, leaving him and his eldest cousin, Levi, to look after the four younger children. Back home in Florida, his grandparents raised him after his dad got shot playing golf and his mother was declared bipolar, getting locked in a mental institution. Now, he is left in a new city with new people.

Playing the parent for three years now, Hale unintentionally gets involved with the boy who everyone avoids, creating a bigger mess than ever anticipated.



SweetAngelx SweetAngelx Jun 16
                              Revise the line you said *I got done* *have done* is more suitable.  I don't think I like the way he obtained his 'extra cash'. But then,  who am I to judge? Anything is possible.  I like the bluntness in Hale and how he acted as everything was OK.
This didn't suck at all! It was interesting to glimpse their situation! I'm excited to keep reading
I like how you left this honest note at the beginning and warned us what this will be about and I'm actually really interested to know what realities people face everyday.
                              Consider removing the second--this time. Having it written twice so close to one another seems a bit redundant.
aura_maze aura_maze Mar 14
I am new to books with this concept but I can't wait to continue! at this point i'm not sure if my vote or comment went through but I'll double check later :D
augtwy augtwy Apr 29
I can't wait to read more of this story, I'm so pulled in already.