Risky (Lauren/you)

Risky (Lauren/you)

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Yikes I'm awkward... By BlursandHeadaches Updated Jul 04

Y/n is just getting used to being well known now that her girl group R.Y.L.T.Y is getting famous by the minute. 
She's also getting used to being single again when her girlfriend of 1 and a half years decided to do something  unforgivable to her (the ex will be revealed later on the story). Now deciding to only pay attention into music and her members and not love, she's looking forward to their worldwide tour with their opening acts. One of their acts being Fifth Harmony. Y/n is close to almost all of the latter, all except one. Lauren.

This is due to the fact that Lauren here is cold and distant, especially towards R.Y.L.T.Y.

She decides to make it her mission to break down the walls Lauren has put up in front of her and her group and try to make a friendship.

A mission turns into pure curiosity.

And we all know that curiosity killed the cat.

So with emotions involved she cannot help but feel hesitant to proceed with things.

After all she's been through she feels like she's gambling another heartbreak.

It's just risky.

LeezyInTheH LeezyInTheH Apr 21
French/Russian/German/Polish/Chek/and Native American lmao im hella mixed
camrenism camrenism Jul 04
Lo all these flavors and you choose to be salty. Babe what did i ever do to you?
mikaelamae04 mikaelamae04 Aug 15, 2015
Continue please!! You written out a really good summary & I'm honestly loving it!!