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-INACTIVE- Kirby Roleplay (OCs Welcome)

-INACTIVE- Kirby Roleplay (OCs Welcome)

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semi-automatic spork By Doroken Updated Apr 21

Sorry, but I don't roleplay anymore. I just don't really enjoy it as much as I used're more than welcome to continue roleplaying with people here, but just note that I will very rarely reply to roleplays. The info in this book has not been updated for over a year.
You can use up to 3 OCs and 1 canon character. Please try to keep roleplays at least 2-3 sentences.

Xx_Galacta_xX Xx_Galacta_xX 6 days ago
Well I haven't been active much. I need to catch up on my rp's...
I still check here occasionally but haven't roleplayed in a while either
Ittybitykitty123 Ittybitykitty123 Dec 17, 2016
I WANNA BE PRINCE FLUFF OR ADELEINE ( is that how you spell her name?)
violetknight212 violetknight212 Jul 08, 2016
Hello. Is any one aloud to be nightmare or in other words NME? If so can I be him. I also want to be an oc.
NightOfShadows NightOfShadows Jun 29, 2016
*Inhales* Okay, I would like to join this roleplay.
                              Since it seems nobody else has requested to, may I be Magolor? :3
HyperActiveGalaxy HyperActiveGalaxy Oct 11, 2016
Name: Flower (aka Flowo, Fliwer, Fly where, Flower the Fly. Those were typos)
                              Age: 13
                              Apperance: Light teal with a lil pink flower crown. Pink eyes (why the heck not)
                              Height: I really dunno m8. Short, though
                              Personality: Sweet as heck, kinda all over the place