Kirby Roleplay (OCs Welcome)

Kirby Roleplay (OCs Welcome)

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inactive and lazy :^) By Doroken Updated Jun 19, 2017

Hey hey hey, hello hello hello! Welcome to my Kirby roleplay. You should stop by sometime. We got memes.

❕I am working on getting this updated and active again❕

Most of the info in this book hasn't been updated for over a year lmao-

Everyone is welcome! You can use up to 3 OCs and 1 canon character. Please try to keep roleplays at least 2-3 sentences.

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Doroken Doroken Mar 01
@Janfanfic1232 @bleu_wolfgirl Apologies about the inactivity here. I've been trying to be more active, but don't have as much of an interest in roleplaying as I did before. You both are accepted though! Thanks for submitting and joining ^^
Xx_Galacta_xX Xx_Galacta_xX Apr 22, 2017
Well I haven't been active much. I need to catch up on my rp's...
WhiteFlame207 WhiteFlame207 Jun 09, 2017
Do you remember when me, you, and Kū had that little scenario play out in The Woods?
                              The one where Fai went beserko?
d00ter d00ter Sep 18, 2017
You are my new favorite person now. You like Kirby AND Warriors.
Name : wolfie
                              Age : 16/17
                              Gender : female
                              Looks : profile pic
                              Personality: funny, nice, brave, loyal 
                              Others : she got a nightfury dragon pet named moonlight, moonlight looks like toothless but got yellow eyes, a dark blue night skin and instead missing. A tail wing it misses a wing
Blizzard-Star Blizzard-Star Apr 21, 2017
I still check here occasionally but haven't roleplayed in a while either