If James And Lily Lived #Wattys2016

If James And Lily Lived #Wattys2016

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What if James and Lily never died? What if some super secret stuff happened- which they don't like to mention- and they somehow.. Lived? 

Surely they wouldn't have another child besides Harry that is super powerful and could kill people without a wand. Of course not!

And they would never ever put their children in danger by letting a werewolf move into the guest room! Who would even think about that?

And it's kind of obvious that they would never ever let their kids go on life threatening adventures or anything. 

So I guess this book is unrealistic. But that's okay, because this is the Potters we're talking about. 

This is If James And Lily Lived!

Citastic Citastic Dec 11, 2016
Siri: "Pro-fan-it-y:
                              Definition: Any mature word for humans over 18 years old, mature content for humans over 18 years old."
                              *thinks of siri like smartphone siri*
TheDivergentGamesCHB TheDivergentGamesCHB Sep 27, 2016
That is literally my dad to our cat. Then five minutes later he's on the couch patting it...
Citastic Citastic Dec 11, 2016
Title: "If James Had Died"
                              Summary: lily remarries.
Poor poor Sirius
                              Couldn't stay faithful to his
                              Poor poor poor girlfriend
Citastic Citastic Dec 11, 2016
                              unless it's a play on words
                              like 5
                              yeah probably a misspell
Citastic Citastic Dec 11, 2016
tonks please.
                              w-wolfstar is not my thing
                              not a queer shipper.
                              i'm not a homophobe, just i'm more of a straight shipper
                              and I don't think sirius will ever get over marlene.