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♥Sofia♥ By NavyBG4Ever Updated Aug 21

This is just another NBA&NFL IMAGINES book. Feel free to request anything you want, I'll write it!
To request an imagine just inbox me or comment. It can be clean or dirty :)

I hope you enjoy reading! 


@KyrieJean I hope she can this imagine sounds funnier than hell 😂
Name: Jazmine
                              Player: O'Dell Beckham 
                              Team: NY Giants
                              After that lucky catch he made, he falls wrong and gets hurt. And I happen to be his athletic trainer
jennaaurelius78 jennaaurelius78 Nov 24, 2015
I know you're not accepting requests right now, but in the future do you think you could do a luke kuechly explicit imagine please?
peaceofmind03 peaceofmind03 Nov 09, 2015
                              Jimmy butler 
                              Chicago Bulls
                              He tried to ask my out got a long time but I play hard to get but eventually I agree 
                              Thank you !!!!
cheeto123 cheeto123 Oct 28, 2015
Vanessa Ryans
                              Bryce Petty
                              Bryce and I get into a huge fight and he says something mean and I run to my protective older brother (Nick Foles,Rams) for comfort... But we get back together and it's a happy ending :)
jaesavage27 jaesavage27 Oct 17, 2015
                              Marcus Mariota
                              Tennessee Titans
                              I'm about to have our baby gil Nani Laii, and he's at an away game, but makes it on time to se the birth of his daughter.
                              Thanks if you do it