Eagle  (A Loki love story)

Eagle (A Loki love story)

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Mira Brooks, known to HYDRA as Specimen 13, has been on the run for most of her life.  For the past eight years, she has had a somewhat stable life as a SHIELD agent for Director Fury but all of that is turned upside down when she catches the eye of a certain God of Mischief.  While what few friends she has, as well as the Avengers, are convinced that he is rotten to the core, Mira sees him for what he really is.  A list soul.  Can she turn him back to the road of redemption or will he drag her down with him?  What will happen when HYDRA steps in with the intention of reclaiming their lost 'property'?  Can Mira really trust Loki with her greatest secret or will he betray her like he has everyone else?  

This fanfiction was inspired by Jurassic World and will be updated every other Saturday unless I die or something catastophic happens to me

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I feel like my friend would make me introduce to Captain America. She loves him.
That dress up above is so pretty. And it's my favorite color. 💜
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Lauf is one way of saying run but personally I would use 'renn' like Running= rennen and yeh.. just putting my opinion in
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So, like LAUFyson? I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong, I'll leave now.
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I read this whole chapter while listening to 'The Flash' theme song, that song and this chapter work well together.
"Some rock song" 😑bitch that's      AC/DC shoot to thrill