Raised by Canines {A Harry Potter fanfiction}

Raised by Canines {A Harry Potter fanfiction}

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Harry Potter was the Boy Who Lived. When he was sent to live with his mother's sister, he wasn't living any kind of life. Constant chores, unearned punishments from his whale of an Uncle, and a musty living space under the stairs that kept him hidden from the outside world. 
Sirius Black was freed from Azkaban prison and cleared of all charges after an interesting hearing in the ministry. Ever since, he had been fighting for parental rights for his Godson, Harry Potter. 
When Arabella Figg overhears one of Harry's harsh punishments, the adoption process is sped up and Harry is given to Sirius and his best friend and roommate, Remus Lupin. Read on as a little boy discovers that he is loved and as two prankster wizards turned fathers learn to deal with one of the most stressful jobs in the world--parenthood.

{Possible SB/RL later on. WARNINGS: OUTRIGHT ABUSE AND NEGLECT. If I think of any other warnings I will let you know at the beginning of the chapters.}

All characters belong to the wonderful J. K. Rowling and I am not making any money off of this work whatsoever.

Sequel is up!

nicoleeex_x nicoleeex_x May 09
I know he didn't mean it like that but dumbles that was a dîck thing to say
I wish 
                              Harry's life wouldn't have been as hard, even though neither Sirius or Remus is blood related to him
I'm Reading this out loud 
                              talking in a British accent and the rest With my normal voice
lil_light lil_light Nov 23
Petunia if you don't at least feel SORRY for him I swear I will throw you into the Grand Canyon
Remus you should know not to offer such a thing! Sirius would never allow you to leave!
jenny_lopezzz jenny_lopezzz Aug 11, 2015
I quite like this book. I've read many that are about wolfstar raising Harry but yours is different and that's what makes it interesting for me.