Detention//Joshler AU

Detention//Joshler AU

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"Panic began to well up inside of me as I gulped and nodded my head, turning around slowly and running for the front exit and opposite side doors. Neither would open.

"J-Josh. They w-won't open." I let a small whimper reveal itself as I nervously ran a hand over my face and covered my mouth with the other. My insides twisted with realization that we were stuck here till someone found us and in an instant I collapsed to the ground, hyperventilating. "


Josh and Tyler get trapped alone together inside their schools building when a vicious snow storm hits their town.

Beebo: "Go on tour with Panic! at the disco and twenty pilots "..
That's like me though
                              One time in science class we were watching the life of wolves right? So when the wolf was about to kill a deer I yelled out "BAMBI NOO!"
                              My teacher is blind af so he didn't see that it was me and got the wrong person lol
melodyinwonderland__ melodyinwonderland__ Nov 02, 2016
Boys at my schools are butts and push the smol humans like me
heyiamahuman heyiamahuman Dec 16, 2016
i did a drawing of this paragraph, like, what it looked like in my head
Omg someone really quiet and shy did the same thing and I was so shook