Detention//Joshler AU

Detention//Joshler AU

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"Panic began to well up inside of me as I gulped and nodded my head, turning around slowly and running for the front exit and opposite side doors. Neither would open.

"J-Josh. They w-won't open." I let a small whimper reveal itself as I nervously ran a hand over my face and covered my mouth with the other. My insides twisted with realization that we were stuck here till someone found us and in an instant I collapsed to the ground, hyperventilating. "


Josh and Tyler get trapped alone together inside their schools building when a vicious snow storm hits their town.

This is what she gets for keeping Josh and Tyler after class
they have detention the last day befORE CHRISTMAS BREAK?!?!?!
you could stab me in the heart and slit my throat, but if you read this paragraph to me when I'm dead, at my funeral, I will come alive and shout "Joshler motherfukers!"
OUaT_Oncer_ OUaT_Oncer_ Jun 11
i keep thinking about the fairly local music video, what with the snow and flickering lights
CheesyPuffPuff CheesyPuffPuff 6 days ago
... I never go anywhere without my phone. I freak out when I can't feel/see it. I mean, it's what i red fan fiction on after all.
OUaT_Oncer_ OUaT_Oncer_ Jun 11
this is so cute, why the hell haven't i been reading joshler fanfics this entire time?