Detention//Joshler AU

Detention//Joshler AU

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"Panic began to well up inside of me as I gulped and nodded my head, turning around slowly and running for the front exit and opposite side doors. Neither would open.

"J-Josh. They w-won't open." I let a small whimper reveal itself as I nervously ran a hand over my face and covered my mouth with the other. My insides twisted with realization that we were stuck here till someone found us and in an instant I collapsed to the ground, hyperventilating. "


Josh and Tyler get trapped alone together inside their schools building when a vicious snow storm hits their town.

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Nooooo what happen to my innocent child... but then again it’s a josh ahhhhhh
mypotatasarelarge mypotatasarelarge Nov 15, 2017
This bitch remindes me of a teacher I have. She would even give us detention on a familie death day
A fierce shiver ran up my spine as goose bumps began to rise along the surface of my skin where Joshes fingertips began to trace small circles against my shoulder.
                              *breathing hard* he barely has friends and josh is touching him meeee
CheesyPuffPuff CheesyPuffPuff Sep 19, 2017
I read up to "Josh's mouth" and immediately thought they were kissing and was like: Well That escalated quickly...
FandomNinja1217 FandomNinja1217 Nov 11, 2017
I'm rereading and eww I didn't realize how hideous this was earlier
If the teacher is 15 minutes late, we’re legally allowed to leave