Rotten To The Core// Descendants

Rotten To The Core// Descendants

60.9K Reads 1.1K Votes 9 Part Story
Who Wants To Know By Chrissy_3_best Completed

You know the four kids from the isle of the lost. You've seen their story. Bit what if there was another kid. Another kid from the isle of the lost. Will she change their mind and make then evil? Or will the story end the same?


Warning! This was my first story, so it may not be the best. Hope you enjoy!

  • audrey
  • bad
  • ben
  • carlos
  • core
  • descendants
  • disney
  • evie
  • evil
  • good
  • jay
  • king
  • magic
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PrincessXyla12 PrincessXyla12 Aug 26, 2017
Well you are missing one thing my friend *Grabs a very VERY sharp scissor with heart carvings* OF WITH THY HEAD!!! *Cuts of a traitirs head using those small but sharp scissors*
HufflepufThunderbird HufflepufThunderbird Mar 30, 2016
No offense. But it's best if you reveal stuff about your character via story. Not just telling your readers everything
AvatarLily AvatarLily Nov 19, 2016
Yaayyy!     ^     ^
                                                   ()    ()