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To The Future (The Marauders and Harry)

To The Future (The Marauders and Harry)

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Katie By CharmingPatronas Updated Feb 02, 2014

The Marauders find a spell in their 6th year at Hogwarts that brings them to the future. Eighteen years into the future to be exact, the year Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are starting their 4th year, and the year Voldemort is set to return to power. 
Will the Marauders find out about the horrors set in store for them, and try to change it? Join them on their journey to find out.

We, ¿Qué hago aquí? Con suerte y se un poco de inglés :'v
Now I'm going to bed before either of you come up with a clever idea to get us killed. Or worse. Expelled.
Im imagining them landing on Ron and him screaming "Bloody hell!" And Harry is just calm af like 'hi dad'.......Im sorry carry on
sskybluehands sskybluehands Oct 05, 2016
I just realized they get to see Snape as a teacher... they should have gone to Harry's 3rd year! They could have seen the whole professor lupin thing, Sirius breaking out of jail thing and having wanted posters everywhere, Pettigrew as a rat like "hey, he looks familiar" it would have been gr8
AndMyFangirlism AndMyFangirlism Nov 29, 2016
Me: YES JAMES YOU MARRY EVANS *The painful shrieks of many fangirls*
                              James: Well why are you so sad?
                              Me: YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW! *Tears of all fangirls*
Bella18161 Bella18161 Dec 02, 2016
Bye bye Peter. I wonder who will get you first, older Sirius and Remus or younger Sirius and Remus