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Gabby By Justgirlythings78 Updated 3 days ago

"Come here" he told me as he stood up. I walked closer to him as he pushed me up against the wall. His hot breath hit my neck as I looked up into his eyes. "Do I frighten you?" He asked with a smirk. "Not even a little" I told him cockily. "Well I should.

cxssie139 cxssie139 Sep 25, 2016
Freshmen in high school are allowed to cuss and they don't get in trouble
bearjay bearjay Jan 31
Arabella chill tf out bro don't be trippin over that man whore
eisakan eisakan Jun 22, 2016
All that took fifteen minutes. If  that was me...
                              Bathing-5 min
                              Picking and dressing-10 min
                              Makeup-10 min
                              Getting all my stuff-3 min.
babygirl716 babygirl716 Sep 12, 2016
Bro u sound like a f*cking creep calm your self before u get a restraining order from someone
WeightNGold WeightNGold Sep 24, 2016
why did i automatically think she was singing Arctic Monkeys
Brownies_4_everyone Brownies_4_everyone Jan 19, 2016
Don't say things that you might not mean...😢😢😳😭😭😭😫