Percy and Sally's Reunion

Percy and Sally's Reunion

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Percy was exited to be going home. He was -at last-going to see his mom again.  It seemed like a millennium had passed since she has hugged him goodbye on the cold winters day long ago. He would be missing Annabeth dearly but it was only for a weekend and since Tartarus they had almost never been apart. So this would be testing their relationship however Percy was positive everything would go fine. Though there was a small sinking feeling in his gut as he waved Annabeth goodbye from in the car as Argus began to drive away from camp half-blood.He put it aside and reminded himself it was only for a weekend and what could possibly go wrong.

As the car pulled up at his moms apartment block the car had barely stopped when jumped out the car grabbed his bag and waved a quick goodbye to Argus before sprinting up to the figure who was now also running towards him before enveloping him in a bone crushing hug.
"I missed you so much Percy" his mum ...

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